“Just want to thank again, EVERYONE! including ALL staff – chefs, bartenders and management at EGP for help in making mine and Amy’s engagement party as special as it was! Couldn’t thank you enough! Everytime I turned around, there was someone saying how wonderful the food and service was, the ENTIRE DAY! Wonderful job ladies and gentlemen! Hats off to you and keep up the great work! Your public opening will be a hit!” Ted Brednard

“I went to EGP tonight with 3 other people. We were all incredibly impressed with the food. We ordered appetizers and entrees and they were all absolutely delicious. Although we were all stuffed, we ordered the dessert sampler. We ended up finishing the entire thing!!! It was amazing! I highly, highly recommend this restaurant and I can’t wait to have my school party here in December!!!!!!! Thank you to the wonderful people who have clearly put their heart and soul into this place. It was well worth the wait!” -Liz Cooper Tsang

“Has easily become my favorite place to dine in. Courteous staff, great beer selection, and the food is ridiculously good.”  – Brian Diano

“Finally something new and fresh around this area let alone smack dead in the middle of long beach road. Amazing burgers. The meatloaf grilled cheese is ridiculous. The wait staff is excellent and they have a solid beer selection(craft beer on tap and bottle). Don’t miss lunch here.” – Andrew Pirrone

“My girlfriend and I went for the first time this past Tuesday night and it was unbelievable! The decor,service,presentation of plates and of course the delicious food!! They really hit a home run here and if you have not gone yet make it a priority!!” – Rob Tattenbaum

“Like many, I’ve been waiting for this place to open for quite some time. I knew going there tonight (their first Saturday night) was a gamble so we got there at 6pm. The atmosphere was exactly as I expected. You can tell they put an enormous amount of thought in to the entire dining experience. We went with another couple and ordered two appetizers, four entrees and the EGP sampler dessert. I was blown away!!! Everything and I do mean everything was excellent. The service was attentive, but, not in your face. The food was fantastic. I won’t even try to describe the dessert, there are no words! I saw one person gave a negative review for various reasons. I cannot agree. I think no matter how long I have been waiting for this place to open I am just one of a couple thousand people all waiting for the same thing. Restaurants only have a certain number of tables and if those tables are spoken for you can either choose to wait or move on. I’ve walked out of many restaurants because I did not want to wait and that’s my choice. I’d rather see a restaurant busy and know it’s good then empty and wonder how good and/or fresh everything is. When I have the time, I’ll wait for the right restaurant. After eating there tonight I can definitely say EGP is a restaurant I would wait for if necessary!” – Gary Leonard

“Was just at EGP this evening with my wife and my old friend and all I can say is WOW! We began with the philly cheesesteak eggs and the mac and cheese spheres which were absolutely incredible! I had the 10 ounce 50/50 burger which was one of the best burgers I ever had and both my wife and my friend had the Frisco burgers which they absolutely loved. Beer selection is great and the overall experience was top notch. We will definitely be back.” – Steve Binger Bingham

“We had a few items off the menu which were all really good – very creative and fresh! Our server was a doll too – very attentive and knowledgeable about the menu and preparation of dishes! Haven’t stopped thinking about the 50/50 Burger and can’t wait to go back for more – especially brunch! Way to go guys – wishing you all the best!” – Margo LeBarbara Colarossi

“Food was amazing!!! The Philly cheesesteak spring rolls were fantastic. The macaroni and cheese spheres (or orbs, whichever) and duck fat French fries were very tasty! And the wing appetizer where the wings are dry rubbed and then sauced is finger licking good. :)” – Nicole D’Aguanno

“Best burger on Long Island !! I had the 10oz gastropub burger it was perfect it didn’t even need ketchup! I am telling my friends about this place. My new favorite joint in Oceanside! Fries were greAt too. I want another one now!!!” – Justin Kressel Taub

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