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EGP Oceanside

About EGP Oceanside


EGP Oceanside’s goal is to bring fresh, “good” (mostly organic and non-GMO) food to the way people eat. At EGP, we elevate traditional Pub cuisine using organic grass-fed beef, fresh produce from our greenhouse, and other homemade or locally sourced foods and condiments. In the EGP pastry kitchen we create our own desserts using the best chocolate and fruits. We believe in bringing health and a higher quality to America’s greatest comfort food. If you are going to eat well, we want you to drink well too… We offer you 24 Craft Beers on tap (and change them up weekly) as well as original artisanal cocktails created by world-renowned mixologist, Willy Shine. Sticking with the EGP concept, he has created cocktails that incorporate freshly squeezed juice, homemade flavored syrups and even a selection of ice that is most appropriate to your drink.

The Garden of EATin’


EGP Oceanside is a backyard farm to table restaurant that delivers our guests a unique and creative experience through tremendous attention to detail and fine ingredients. We invite you to stop in and try our delicious treats, exciting cocktails & selection of 24 craft beers. Visit our beautiful beer garden and outside patio.

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The site of EGP Oceanside has been serving the Oceanside community for generations. Known as Johnny Russell’s in the 1930s, local politicians would rub elbows with bootleggers in the basement speakeasy. If you listen carefully, you may still be able to hear them drinking a Foghorn or an Old Fashioned while bowling a few frames… Imagine the tales the vintage tin ceilings down there could tell. After Prohibition, they were among the first establishments in New York to receive liquor licenses. Through the eras of the Civil Rights, Woodstock and the Baby Boomers, our identity transformed several times — Oceanside Grille, Johnny Russell’s Oceanside Grille, Johnny’s Little Club and our most recent predecessor, Union Park Cafe. In the 1940s, Americans believed in “growing your own” and planting victory gardens. We are proud to say that we are applying the same concept at our establishment. We grow much of our own herbs and produce in our greenhouses to deliver food from our garden to your table. This way, you know that the main ingredients on your plate are culinary transcendence.